A Simple Brief on Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)


What is The Recycled Claim Standard (RCS)?

The Recycled Claim Standard (RCS) is an international, voluntary standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of Recycled input and chain of custody. The Standard applies to products that contain 5% or more Recycled Content.


  • Track and trace Recycled input materials.
  • Provide consumers (both brands and end consumers) with a tool to make informed decisions.
  • Provide assurance that materials are actually Recycled and in a final product.

RCS Logo:

There are two types of Logo used under RCS.


RCS 100  :

When the product contains 95-100% Recycled Content, the RCS 100 logo shall only be used. Any non-certified material shall not be of the same type as the certified material.

RCS 100
RCS 100


When the product contains 5-94% Recycled Content, the RCS Blended logo shall be used. There are no other restrictions on the remaining content.


Use of RCS Logo:


Ref. : https://textileexchange.org


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