Apparel production parameters; What is SMV ?, What is SMV factor ?, What is Efficiency?, What is MIS ? in a apparel Industry

Production Parameters

To get a finished product, different operational stages are being undertaken in the factory. All processes, sequences of operation& all other necessary parameters related to production are described below.

Production Parameters:

  • SMV
  • SMV factor
  • Efficiency
  • MIS
  • Power loss
  • Worker problem etc



Production Parameters
Production Parameters

What is SMV ?

SMV is an abbreviation word; it means “Standard Minute Value”. In the efficiency report SMV means the total time required for produce garments in sewing section. In sewing section SMV calculating time start from input transfer from input rack to sewing operator all the sewing process up to the final sewing process check.

For a specific process SMV calculation process include:

  1. Pickup time: It means the operator when touch the parts up to starting sewing.
  2. Stitching time: Is means the time when the garments passing under the needle.
  3. Dispose time: Is means the time after finish the stitch the garments take off from the machine thread cutting and pass it to another process.

What is SMV factor?

  • SMV factor is a numerical standard value, which is constant for a specific quantity.
  • SMV always calculates on standard qualified worker.
  • SMV with factor means SMV multiply by factor.


  • So the capacity= ( Total Working Minutes)/SMV)X Number of worker in the line


What is Efficiency?

Efficiency means the capacity of a person or machine or a specific process. It is the combination of different activities are-

  • Standard time limit
  • Consumed time.
  • Number of employee
  • Total input
  • Total output
  • Denoted variable (Percentage).

To calculate Efficiency there is a specific formula.



Efficiency for a single line=      ((SMV x Total Output)/(Total Worker x Total Working hour  x 60) ) x100 %

Example: Say,

SMV (Standard Minute Value) = 21.70 Minutes

Specific line total output =1300pcs

Total worker in the line = 85 person

Total working hours =10 hours

1 hour = 60 minute

Efficiency for a single line= ((21.70 x 1300))/(85 x 10 x 60)) x100


What is MIS?

MIS is an abbreviation word; it means “Management Information System”.   MIS report contain all the production information in the factory, which is prepared by the RAW department. RAW department collect information from all department by their representative and put it into a single report.


The information of MIS report is –

  1. Name of the buyer.
  2. Style No.
  3. Purchase order no.
  4. Order quantity.
  5. Delivery Date.
  6. Cutting Section report: It contain,
    • Day cutting Quantity.
    • Total cutting Quantity
    • WIP(Work in process) in cutting Quantity
  7. Sewing report: It contain,
    • Day input
    • Total input
    • WIP in line
    • Line name
    • Day output
    • Total out put
    • WIP in sewing.
  8. Wash report: it contain,
    • Wash send.
    • WIP
    • Wash received
  9. Finishing Section Report: It contain,
    • Day packing
    • Total packing
    • Balance packing
  10. Export report: It contain,
    • Day shipment
    • Ship
    • Balance shipment
    • Export



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