Advanced Machineries used in Apparel Industry

Image: Automatic Cutting Machine

Advanced Machineries in garment industry:

With the growing international competition our apparel factories should improve continuously. Increase production means increase in Productivity. By using modern machineries which have versatility, we can meet our required demand in apparel manufacturing. Machines used for garments manufacturing evolved to modern processes throughout the industry as a way of producing clothing at high speed, low costs & consistent quality.

Apparel industries have lack of Information about recent development in apparel industrial machineries. Here is a study on modern machineries with recent development which contains all necessary information. This will help apparel industries to have all necessary information of modern machineries which help them to increase production within short time.

The modernization of these machines has resulted from the integration of many useful components. Even the components borrowed from the traditional models have been improved for the modern versions. Some of new machineries are introduced for performing new designed stitches & purposes. Some machines have designed to perform multiple tasks. Here I will describe some of such machineries.

Advanced Machineries :

Each of the parts of clothing should be sewed or assembled in order to make complete apparel that is wearable. Advanced Machineries are used for sewing & assembling. Advanced m/cs are equipped with various special features which reduce the production cost, manpower & save time. Those increase efficiency, accuracy & help to produce defect free garments. We use Advanced m/cs in production line for increasing production which help to dispatch the garments in proper time. It increases our profit within a short time. We use Advanced machines in various stages of Production.

CAD/CAM for Apparel:

Before making an apparel of garments we must have to design or sketch the appearance completely. It helps us at the further process to monitor the manufacturing faults and process shortage. We must have to make pattern to follow while manufacturing a garment product. It saves time and increase the rate of accuracy of making.

Previously design is done manually .But now-a-days it is done by computer with CAD/CAM system. Designing with CAD systems saves time, more efficient & diversified design can be designed.

Different software / CAM-CAD Systems for Apparel Industry: 

  • LECTRA SYSTEMES:- CAD-CAM for apparel, upholstery, footwear, industrial textile applications
  • FASHIONCAD:- Pattern making software by CAD CAM Solutions  
  • GERBER TECHNOLOGY :- Patternmaking, footwear, plotting systems, includes AccuMark, Pattern Design, Made to Measure, APDS-3D, Optimizer, Silhouette

  • AUTOMETRIX :- Precision cutting systems, sail design software, CAD software for sewn products industry.
  • NEDGRAPHICS:-CAD/ CAM provider dedicated to apparel, textile industry.
  • PATTERNMAKER SOFTWARE;- CAD system for garment pattern design. Home, expert, professional versions available.
  • QUEST CAD/CAM:Provides independent sales, services for CAD/CAM systems used in apparel, textile industries.
  • ZWEAVE:- Provides design automation software for clothing, footwear, equipment design companies, tools like Fit Studio.
  • APSO:– Develops CAD/CAM 3D visualization, archiving applications for textile, interior design industries.
  • ASSYST:- Develops various integrated CAD, PLM products for fashion, interiors industries.
  • AUDACES: CAD/CAM for apparel, footwear, caps, bags.
  • CENTRIC SOFTWARE:- PLM software for apparel, luxury goods, consumer goods makers.
Advance Apparel CAM/CAD System

Automatic Spreading Machine:

  • Machine returns back to original position once fabric runs empty.
  • The machine power will automatically shut off upon 5 minutes idle.
  • The spread laid fabric is not pulled when the emergency stop triggers.
Technical characteristics:
  • Equipped with robotic technology.
  • Automatic check control system.
  • Speed variator from 0 to 100 metres/minute.
  • High-speed cutting with variable speed control.
  • Feed by high sensitivity sensor.
  • Intelligent detector of end of stack with return to load point and turntable centering.
  • Automatic spread height detector.
  • Software program to connect the zigzag with cut.
  • Four-wheel drive (4×4).
  • Feeding system by (cradle), a single conveyor belt.
  • Automatic threading and rewinding.
  • Adjustable acceleration.
  • Safety brake in case of power failure.

Automatic Spreading Machine

Automatic Spreading Machine

Automatic Cutting Machine:

The garment factory are equipped with automatic cutting machines which is most advanced cutting systems. It helps factories to improve cutting accuracy & cutting room production.

Computerized cutting systems are achieving more widespread use as technology costs decrease and labor costs rise. These computer-driven automated cutters utilize vacuum technology to hold stacks of fabric in place while cutting. Cutting blades are sharpened automatically based upon the type of fabric being cut.

There are many manufactures of automatic CNC fabric cutting machine for  garment industry. 

Some of the most common technologies are: 

  • Lectra systems:- This is the most well known brand in the CAD system and cutting room solutions including automatic cutting machine and auto-spreader for apparel industry. Vector is the new generation automatic cutting machine from Lectra System.

  • Gerber cutter:- Gerber cutter is widely used CNC fabric cutting machine. Gerber is also another popular cutting system.
  • Morgan Tecnica:-Morgan Tecnica spa is Italy based machine and software manufacturer. NEXT is the product name for automatic cutting machines from Morgan Tecnica.
  • Tukacut: Tukatech’s CNC Automatic Cutting Machines is also popular amongst garment manufacturers. 
  • Eastman CNC (Raptor):Eastman’s series of automated, computerized cutting systems cut with accuracy and repeatability and have been engineered for single, low, and high-ply cutting requirements in garments industry. 
  • Bullmer :- It is German based company for  automatic cutting machines named as Premiumcut, Turbocut and Procut

Image: Automatic Cutting Machine

Automatic Cutting Machine

Advantages of using Advanced Machineries

1. Major advantages:

                  • Reduced manpower
                  • Reduced cost
                  • Better and consistent quality
                  • Increased productivity
                  • Increased flexibility
                  • Reduced lead time

2. Other advantages :

                  • Reduced handling
                  • Better WIP control
                  • Reduced skill requirement
                  • Facilitate production management
                  • Less space requirement in production line
                  • Elimination of helpers
                  • Reduced power consumption
                  • Reduced operator stress and fatigue
                  • Easy production accountability
                  • Elimination of extra preparation work
                  • Reduced alteration
                  • Less maintenance cost etc.


    11. etc.


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