continuous fabric dyeing machine, Pad Thermosol Dyeing Machine

Continuous dyeing machine

Pad Thermosol Dyeing Machine:

This dyeing machine is used to dyed fabric from dark to medium shades. It is based on method to dry to dry the fabric without any contact with steaming. This machine is able to carry the following processes.

  • Reactive dyeing
  • Disperse dyeing
  • Vat dyeing
  • Pigment dyeing


Pad Thermosol Dyeing Machine
Pad Thermosol Dyeing Machine



J box

Chemical bath


IR ( pre-drying)

Drying and curing chamber( 3 chamber)

Cooling drums



Specification :

Brand – Monfort

Origin – Germany

Padder pressure :

Left -22 N/m

Middle – 16 N/m

Right – 15 N/m

Fabric Speed – 20-25 m/min

Temperature at different Gas chamber:

For cotton…

1st – 120°C

2nd – 140°C

3rd – 160°C

For polyester….

1st – 120°C

2nd – 180°C

3rd – 220°C


Dyeing Procedure:

At first the fabric is padded with dye solution using above recipe in a three bowl padding mangle.

Then the fabric is dried at 100°C temperature in dryer. For dyeing, infra red drying method is an ideal method by which water is evaporated from fabric in vapor form. This eliminates the migration of dye particles.

Then the fabric is passed through thermasol unit where thermo fixing is done at about 205°C temp for 60-90 seconds depending on type of fibre, dye and depth of shade. In thermasol process about 75-90% dye is fixed on fabric.

After thermo fixing the unfixed dyes are washed off along with thickener and other chemicals by warm water. Then soap wash or reduction cleaning is done if required.


Reduction cleaning recipe:

Detergent ————- 1 g/L

Sodium hydrosulphite —————- 2 g/L

Coustic soda (50 degree ow)——- 1-2 g/L

Time ————————————- 30 min

M:L ratio —————————– 1:30/50


Soap wash recipe:

Soap/Sando clear PC ————— 1 g/L

Temp ———————————- 60 degree celcius

Time ———————————– 30 min

M:L ————————————- 1:30/50

Controlling Point :

  • Padder Pressure
  • Speed Control
  • Temperature Control

Faults :

  • Crease mark
  • Shadding
  • Neps
  • Hole
  • Listing
  • Running shade

Utilities :

  • Air
  • Steam
  • Water
  • Gas

Advantages of thermosol process:

  • Dyeing time is very short
  • No need of carrier
  • Non toxic
  • There is no additional problem of removing carrier by using alkali.
  • Very bright shade is obtained.
  • Excellent dye utilization (75-90%) is achieved.

Disadvantages of thermosol process:

  • Shade may be changed due to sublimation at high temp.
  • Special m/c required
  • Loss of strength when time of treatment is prolonged.
  • Costly due to this process requires special arrangement.



  1. Based on “Industrial Attachment on Asian Textiles Mills Ltd” by Fatema Akter, Md. Kamrul islam, Jishan  Ahmed &Al-Amin under supervision of  Kawser Parveen ChowdhuryLecturer, Department of wet Processing Engineering, Bangladesh University of Textiles.
  2. Image Source 


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