How to calculate Fabric consumption?

How to calculate Fabric consumption

To calculate the fabric consumption, here, at first pattern master designs the Pattern on WINDA CAD system by using measurement chart. At first medium size pattern is made. During pattern making Sewing allowance is added.  Then grading is done according to tolerance of increase/decrease. There are a measurement chart & a grading chart for Jeans pant.

Measurement chart of a jeans pant :

waistband height4444444444
Hip at 18cm (without W.B) at side seam/straight9597.5100102.5105107.5110115120125
Front rise19.419.820.220.62121.421.822.623.424.2
Back rise31.63232.432.833.233.63434.835.636.4
inseam 30″76767676767676767676
inseam 32″81818181818181818181
inseam 34″85858585858585858585
inseam 36″89898989898989898989
inseam 38″93939393939393939393
thigh at crotch56.55859.56162.56465.568.571.574.5
knee at 35cm from crotch36.537.538.539.540.541.542.544.546.548.5
leg opening36.537.538.539.540.541.542.544.546.548.5
S/LGrading pointsIncrease/decreaseTolerance
6.Front rise+/-0.5
7.Back rise+/-0.5

Table: Grading Chart

Consumption Sheet from WINDA CAD system

There is a marker man, who prepares the marker paper using WINDA marker making software. Software shows details information about Fabric consumption. Fabric consumption is calculated automatically considering the no. of garments, efficiency of marker, Shrinkage, cut able width of the fabric, length etc. Here is a fabric consumption sheet below.

Then fabric consumption per dozen is calculated. WINDA CAD system shows it automatically. Calculation formulas are given below.

Fabric consumption per piece = (Fabric Length x Fabric Width (inches))/ (36xNo. Of garments) Yds/Piece

Fabric consumption per dozen = (Fabric Length x Fabric Width (inches) x 12)/ (36xNo. Of garments) Yds/Dozen

Calculation of Fabric cost:                    

Fabric cost per piece= (Fabric consumption per piece x Fabric price per Yds)

Fabric cost per dozen= (Fabric consumption per dozen x Fabric price per Yds)

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