What is fabric Inventory control system for apparel factories?

Inventory Control

   Inventory control in a widen sense is defined as any idle resource of in enterprise in order to meet expects of demand or distribution. Inventory control is commonly used to indicate materials, raw materials, finished, packing and stocked products. It is basically necessary to keep hold inventory of various kinds to act as a cushion bet supply and demand. It is almost necessary to maintain same inventory for the smooth functioning of an organization.


Fabric inventory control means the checking the fabric according the invoice from the exporter. The fabric inventory control check –

  • Width of fabric
  • Length of fabric
  • Color of fabric
  • Construction of fabric
  • Shade of fabric
  • Fault of fabric
  • Damage of fabric etc.


 First cut 22 inch length from fabric roll and cut 50% from in width side for shrinkage test, another 50% cut into 8 pcs, which is 2 pc, 12/8 inch and another 5 pcs 8/8 inch. From these 8 pcs, two 12/8 pcs are made into together blanket by sewing. After making together blanket it is sent for wash with 50/50 cm pc.50/50 piece fabric is used for shrinkage test. Another 5 pcs take reserve for shade check. After wash the blanket, the pcs are dividing into different parts, and cut pcs display on this shade check table. And match with original shade, which is demanded by the buyer.


Fabric receive


During inventory 22 in fabric is cut

From 22 inch Fabric 8 pcs is cut in certain length

3 blankets is sent to wash (50/50, two12/8)

Receive the washed blanket

Segregation of Shade

Shade-band is made

Shade band chart is sent to the store &numbering is done on the fabric roll according to shade.

After approval of shade, then cutting is done.

All the management system of inventory system should be well arranged.

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