Types of yarn winding process, Soft Winding and Hard Winding process

Yarn Winding


Winding is the process of transferring yarns from ring, bobbin, hank etc. into a suitable package.

Two types of winding is done in the factory. Such as-

  • Soft winding
  • Hard winding

Soft winding:

The main object of soft winding is preparing the yarn package for the subsequent yarn dyeing process by controlling the density of the package. A traversing motion is giving to the yarn while winding which impart lower density of package.

INPUT    : Cone package

OUTPUT : Perforated cheese package


Soft Winding Machine
Soft Winding Machine

Flow chart of soft winding:-


Store Requisition

Receive the yarn

Setting & Running


Checking (Dia)

Stop winding

Quality assurance

Root card making

Delivery for dyeing

Production Parameter of Soft Winding Section:

  • of Spindles per m/c
  • Yarn tension.
  • Length of yarn to be winded
  • Package density
  • Package weight
  • Package dimension
  • Type of bobbin
  • Count of yarn
  • M/c speed (meter/min)
  • Type of yarn.


Soft winding production calculation:

  1. Finding out package density

We know, package density ρ =Mass(M)/Volume(V) gm/cc,

Where, Volume V= π( R2-r 2)h

M= (Bobbin weight with yarn  Bobbin weight without yarn)

R = outer radius of the bobbin with yarn

r = inner radius of the bobbin

h = height of pkg

For 40/1 yarn:

R= 16.3/2 = 8.15 cm

r = 6.96/2 = 3.48 cm

h=16 cm

M=(1395 235)gm

V= 3.1416(8.152 3.482)16 = 2730 cm3

So package density ρ=(1395 /2730 = 0.42 gm/cc

N.B. Package density of soft winding for cotton must be (0.36-0.40)gm/cc & for polyester or CVC, more than 0.40 gm/cc.

2. production per day (kg/day)


Delivery Speed = 700 m/min

Total no. of head = (80 2) 5=800

Efficiency = 90%

Time = 1 day

For 40/1:

Production/day = (700×800×60×24×0.9×1.09) / (840×40×2.2046) Kg/day

=10679.49 kg/day

Hard winding:

Where the yarn dyed package is converted to paper cone for making the yarn easily be fed to the sectional warping machine.


Hard Winding Machine
Hard Winding Machine

Flow chart of hard winding:-

Root card



Prepare batch card

Start hard winding

Measuring weight

Production Parameter of Hard Winding Section:

  • Yarn tension.
  • Type of yarn.
  • Count of yarn
  • M/c speed (meter/min)
  • of Spindles per m/c
  • Package weight to be given
  • Length of yarn to be winded


The following quality is maintained in preparatory stage:
Shade matching:

The dyed yarn compared with lab drip sample or swatch card.

Level Checking:

During package dyeing dyes chemical enter in to package by pressure. So there is a possibility to differ level in inner and outer side. It is checked and allow up to (5 -6) %


Water and color fastness is checked.


CSP, tenacity, CV% of tenacity, elongation are tested.

Package hardness:

Soft wound package is checked by hand. If it is hard, improper dyeing will occur. The hard wound package also is checked. If it is less hard or too hard it will create problem in the subsequent process.



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