What is Novelty Yarns ? Few examples of Novelty Yarns

What is Novelty Yarns

What does it means by Novelty Yarns ?

The Novelty yarns are made for their appearance. They are generally irregular in size, Twist and shape.  The Novelty yarns  are designed and produced for decorative purposes and are seldom used to make an entire fabric, except in drapery applications. Most novelty yarns are of the fancy or metallic type.

Fancy yarns are generally produced by the irregular plying of staple fibre or continuous filaments and are characterized by the presence of abrupt and periodic effects. The periodicity of these effects may be irregular or constant. The novelty effect is produced by a programmed difference in twist level or input rate in one or more components during the plying of the yarns. This results in differential bending or wrapping between the components or in segments of buckled yarn that are permanently entangled in the composite yarn structure.

The Novelty yarn has three basic parts-

                                      • The ground or foundation
                                      • The fancy or effect
                                      • The binder

The Novelty yarn has three basic parts

The Novelty yarn  basic parts

The Novelty yarns are loose and bulky give crease resistance to fabric. The Novelty Yarns add interest to plain weave fabric. Novelty yarns are used in one direction, usually in filling direction.

Below are some examples of Novelty Yarns.

Slub Yarn : 

A slub yarn is one in which slubs have been deliberately created to produce the desired discontinuity of effect. Slubs are thick places in the yarn.

Slub yarn

Slub yarn

Flock Yarn :

Small amounts of fibres of either different colours or lustre or both are introduced into the yarn. This gives it a spotted and short streaky appearance.

Flock Yarn
Snarl Yarn:

It is same as loop yarns except that the looping yarn has high twist so that the Loop turns into a snarl.

Snarl Yarn
Loop Yarn :

A loop yarn consists of a core with an effect yarn wrapped around it and overfed so as to produce almost circular projections on its surface. As a general rule, four yarns are involved, of which two form the core or ‘ground’ yarns.

Loop Yarn

Boucle Yarn:

This is a compound yarn comprising a twisted core with an effect yarn combined with it so as to produce wavy projections on its surface.

Spiral Yarn :

A spiral or corkscrew yarn is a plied yarn that displays a characteristic smooth spiraling of one component around the other. It can be produced relatively simply on a doubling frame or under the ring spinning system.

Spiral Yarn
Spiral Yarn


Current fashion market requires new innovation and special effects yarn. The demand is increasing day by day and the market also growing accordingly.


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Photo by Karolina Grabowska: https://www.pexels.com

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