What does Textile Fibres means ? General Classification of Textile Fibres

What does Textile Fibers means

What is Textile Fibres ?

The word textile refer to products made from fibres. A “fibre” is defined as any product capable of being woven or otherwise made (process like Knitting or non-woven etc.) into a fabric. Fibre is considered as the smallest visible unit of textile production ‘or’ a fibre can be defined as hair like strand that is very small in diameter in relation to its length. Fibres are the building blocks used in textile yarns and fabrics. Textile fabrics are rarely manufactured from individual fibers but rather from a yarn. A yarn is defined as “a strand of textile fiber in a form suitable for wearing, knitting, braiding, felting, webbing, or otherwise fabricating into a fabric” (US Federal Trade Commission).  ‘Fabric’ is a planar structure produced by interlacing (woven) or interloping (knitting) of yarns. Nonwoven is another form of textile mainly of fibres, short or long and bonded by some processes.

Textile fibers fall within the range of 10–50 μm in diameter and length can vary from less than 1 cm to thousands of cm. Length of natural fibre varies widely depending on it’s sources. Manufactured fibers can be made as continuous filaments but these are often cut to specific lengths.

Classification of Textile Fibres:

The textile industry uses many fibres as its raw materials. Textile fibres are mainly classified based on the source and the length of the fibres. About 80% of the world’s textile fibers are now based on cellulose or polyester, 18% on nylon, polyacrylonitrile and polypropylene, and 2% on proteins. This diversity is mainly due to the chemical contains, form, shape, size, process parameters, copolymerization, additives, and finishes. Below is for your ref,


What is Textile fibers

Source: Distribution of fiber consumption worldwide in 2019, by type of fiber* © Statista 2020


According to the source from which textile fibres are obtained fibres are broadly classified into two ways.

  • Natural fibres
  • Man-made fibres

Below Classification is for your ref….


Textile Fibers 2
Textile Fibers Classification

To know more about the Natural fibers, You can watch the below video ( Language : Bengali):



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