Brief of cutting room operation sequence in garment industry

Cutting room Operations:

  • All cutting machine operators use metal hands gloves while cutting to avoid cut injury on the finger.
  • All cutting department employees use dust mask while cutting to avoid breathing in cutting dust.
  • Before starting the size set cutting process, all reports and tests are completed on the fabric to be cut.
  • The size set cutting process is based on the findings from these reports:
              1. Fabric Inspection Report
              2. Shrinkage Report
              3. Blanket Report
              4. Shade Band Report
  • To confirm the shading the fabric is joined side to side, side to middle and front to end and compared for color variation, if all is ok then size set cutting process should proceed.
  • Before and after wash swatch boards made for all approved fabric swatches with all kinds of parts (body fabric, pocketing, binding, inside w/band etc. These must be matched under buyer approved light box before wash & after wash
  • All lay/cuts are inspected prior to cutting. The following points that will need to be checked:
              1. Marker Length
              2. Marker Placement
              3. GSM
              4. Tension
              5. Leaning
              6. End
  • Total defects found and actions taken towards the defects are noted.
  • After cutting the parts, they need to be checked with hard pattern to see if there is any variation between the pattern and cut parts.
  • Cutting layer should be selected from one dye lot however if mixed dye lot needs to be used then paper lay must be placed with correct identification information between each dye lot.
  • Cutting table needs to be always clean. If there is any damage on the tables, they need to be repaired immediately.
  • After cutting is complete parts numbering needs be 100 percent accurate for all the cutting parts to avoid size and shading problem on the sewing floor.
  • All cuts must be inspected prior to issue in the line. All cut parts (Top / Middle and Bottom) must be inspected from each layer and recorded. This record includes the name of the component inspected. Variation found (Actual compared with paper pattern) and the action taken towards the defects.

Cutting room operation sequence:










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